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Bitcoin Mastery App Features

Powerful Trading Algorithms

Bitcoin Mastery app applies powerful AI algorithms to generate tradable insights from technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis involves studying historical trading charts to identify price patterns that could repeat. Fundamental analysis involves studying billions of web-pages to identify news and predict how they will impact prices.

Safe Trading Environment

Bitcoin Mastery offers a safe and transparent trading environment. Our platforms are encrypted through the AES protocol and are therefore impenetrable by most forms of cyberattacks. We have a cyber incident response squad to address any loopholes that might occur on our platform.

Regulated Partner Brokers

Bitcoin Mastery partners with top quality brokers. Each of these brokers adheres to strict regulatory guidelines in over five jurisdictions. These brokers are our bridge to our clients and to the markets. The partnership with regulated brokers is enough proof of our commitment to operating transparently.

Why Invest with Bitcoin Mastery?

Bitcoin Mastery offers an easy and yet highly profitable way to trade bitcoin. Our trading system automates the entire trading system through intelligent AI-driven algorithms. You could make good returns with us during high market volatility.

Bitcoin Mastery has partnered with industry's best robot brokers. These brokers offer trading leverage of up to 3000:1 to allow our users to generate huge profits out of small accounts. All our partner brokers adhere to strict regulatory guidelines as stipulated by tier-one regulatory bodies.

Bitcoin Mastery eliminates the risks associated with the traditional ways of buying crypto. You don’t need to go through the hassles of securing a crypto wallet to invest with us. This is because we trade the price swings without physically holding the underlying asset.

Trade Over 60 BTC CFDs Pairs With Our AI-driven Trading System


1 How much should I invest with Bitcoin Mastery?

The minimum capital you can deposit is USD250. You can trade with more but always keep in mind that there is increased risk in BTC trading. Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose.


2 How much can I make daily?

Profitability depends on the invested capital, market volatility, and the level of risk per trade applied. You could generate up to $500 daily from a $250 account under the right settings and during high market volatility.

3 How much does Bitcoin Mastery cost?

Bitcoin Mastery is still in the beta testing phase and available on a free license for all users. We do not charge deposit and withdrawal fees.

4 Does Bitcoin Mastery charge commissions?

You will only need to pay a 2% commission on earnings generated through our system. Unprofitable accounts are not charged anything. Other trading costs may apply on the side of the broker.

5 Is Bitcoin Mastery a scam?

We are a safe and transparent trading system powered by the best trading technologies and in partnership with highly reputable robot brokers.

6 Does Bitcoin Mastery offer a trading app?

Bitcoin Mastery is only available in web-trader. However, the web-trader is compatible with both mobile and desktop browsers. It’s in the HTML5 version and hence installable on mobile devices.

An In-depth Look into Bitcoin Mastery

How to trade with Bitcoin Mastery

Trading with Bitcoin Mastery is easy if you can read and follow the provided trading instructions.

The instructions are in layman’s language and hence easy to follow for the complete beginner. Bitcoin Mastery is an auto-trading system. You only need as little as 20 minutes daily to set your trading account for live trading.

The robot conducts all the trading research and automatically sends trading signals to underlying brokers for execution. We only work with reputable brokers with instant order execution.

1) Sign up a free account with us on this page. The signup process is self-explanatory. We will match you with one of our highly reputable brokers after registration. Verify your account by submitting the required documents.

2) Deposit USD250 or more in trading capital through the matched broker. This amount is what we will use to bet on bitcoin on your behalf. You can deposit through wire transfer, Visa, Master Card, and e-wallets such as Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller.

3) After deposit, you will automatically be taken to our trading area. It is a  Watch the video to understand the features of the live trading platform. Use our free demo to test the various functionalities and determine what works best for you.

4) Set the risk control features as per the trading manual and toggle the live session tab. Bitcoin Mastery seems to perform exceptionally well when left to run without interruption for at least 8 hours daily.

What is Bitcoin Mastery ?

Bitcoin Mastery is an auto-trading system based on High-Frequency Trading (HFT) techniques. We are among the few trading systems in the BTC trading industry that are driven by Artificial Intelligence.

Bitcoin Mastery speculates on both the bull and the bear markets using a financial derivative known as CFD. A CFD (Contract for Difference) allows traders to bet on the price movements on an asset without having to buy it.

You can automate all functions when trading with our system. Experts have reviewed us as the best tool for passive online income. You don’t need any crypto trading background to trade with us successfully.

Facts about Bitcoin Mastery

Bitcoin Mastery is a state-of-the-art BTC CFDs trading system. We combine the powers of Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Deep Learning (DL) to offer top quality auto-trading services. Below are some exciting points about our trading system.

  • Trading with Bitcoin Mastery is extremely easy even for the complete beginner. You only need to watch a simple tutorial video and test your understanding of a demo before going live.
  • Bitcoin Mastery conducts all trading automatically. This makes it ideal for those interested in passive ways of making money online. You don’t need to pay any license fees to trade with Bitcoin Mastery. All you need is a trading capital of as little as USD250.
  • Bitcoin Mastery is on high demand due to the rising crypto boom of 2021. We may close new registrations soon. Take advantage of the free slots and register now.
Bitcoin Mastery in the media

We have gone viral since early last year as our users continue to generate above market rate returns. Bitcoin Mastery is top trending on Google in the UK, Australia, and some parts of Asia.

Moreover, we are reviewed widely both by individual consumers and experts. There are over 10 Bitcoin Mastery Reddit threads and tens of thousands of reviews on TrustPilot.

Gossip blogs and fake news platforms have also targeted us. Below are some of the false claims made by these platforms.

  • Bitcoin Mastery and Elon Musk – Some social media posts allege that we have received investment from Elon Musk. Elon Musk has indeed invested in bitcoin but not through Bitcoin Mastery.
  • Bitcoin Mastery and Gordon Ramsay – The British celebrity chef has invested in various projects but not in Bitcoin Mastery.

It’s important to always verify celebrity claims on the official Bitcoin Mastery website. We publish all information here to help you make an informed choice.

Is Bitcoin Mastery Legit? The Verdict!

We value our clients and therefore operate under strict safety measures. Moreover, we operate transparently and have partnered with highly reputable robot brokers.

We depend on these brokers to implement trades in the market and also handle transactions with our clients. Bitcoin Mastery is backed by over 15 tier-one brokers with the regulation in the UK, Australia, South Africa, North America, and Asia.

Each of the brokers is regulated in over five jurisdictions and hence internationally acceptable. We are among the best reviewed trading robots on the internet, with over fifty thousand reviews on independent consumer review platforms.

Try your luck with Bitcoin Mastery now by signing up for free through the link below. All trading carries risk!

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